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Qubskry Floatation Swimsuits with Adjustable Buoyancy for 1 to 10 Years Baby Girls and Boys Review

Qubskry Floatation Swimsuits with Adjustable Buoyancy for 1 to 10 Years Baby Girls and Boys

  • Float suit has 8 removable floats for safety and learning to swim
  • So cute and convenient to use; It definitely gives you a second peace of mind when your little girl jumps in the pool
  • Swim aid to build water confidence; Fully tested for quality and safety
  • Great color choices for beach or pool
  • Helps developing correct swimming posture

children’s sports experts.
To help the baby prevent water from drinking in the pool to the greatest extent, parents are worried about the problem of choking the water. As the baby chokes the water, it will fear the water, and the unique overall float design ensures the erect floating state of the baby in the water. It allows the baby to float independently and effectively learn the right swimming posture when the parents do not support them.
It contains 8 pieces (4 pockets in each front and back, 1 pieces in each bag) detachable EVA cotton floats. Each piece of buoyancy is integrated on the clothes. The necessary buoyancy support will be necessary for the children who have just learned to swim so that they don’t have to worry about sinking. A relaxing swing arm swimming in the water. As long as you don’t feel scared in the water, your children will be more bold in their own way, wobble their hands and feet, and learn to swim slowly.
The floating block on the back of the body of the body is detachable, and when the floating block is dismantled, it will immediately become a sunscreen, a swimming suit, and a surf.
Simple vest type design, you can easily and quickly wear; floating piece of our EVA environmental protection cotton, not inflation, so we do not worry about the small flow gas sink, so that children in the water safety. The complete liberation of the shackles of the traditional swimming laps on the hands and feet and safety, children have more freedom to learn the fun of swimming.
The use of international high quality soft and high elastic fabric, comfortable, not because of friction damage to the baby; floating block is divided into several parts, ergonomic design, more intimate and more comfortable. Can gradually adapt to the improvement of children’s swimming skills

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